Welcome toCity University of Macau Research Management Office
Function and Scope of Works
  • Formulate and promote the University's Strategic Research Plan.
  • Promote the research cooperation between teachers and students, advance teaching research.
  • Formulate and implement of university research system.
  • Responsible for applying the external research funding and the large-scale research projects funding.
  • Organize projects reviews, check the progress of research projects, and inspect research funding.

  • Register and evaluate of research achievement, Report scientific research award, patent registration, academic achievement transformation, and scientific statistics.
  • Promotion of research outputs, research award and patents, conduct production research shows and product related cultural propaganda material.
  • Serves the daily operation of university research institutions.
  • Publish University Academic Journal.
  • Research Management Office (RMO) also undertakes the functions of the secretariat of the Scientific Research Task Group to the Academic Committee of the University.